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Hernie Khames-Martin

Hernie Khames-Martin

  • Mindfulness Coach
  • Alumni

  • Monash University
  • Nanyang Technological University
  • LaSalle College of the Arts

Hernie is a Certified Mindfulness Teacher, an artist and an educator who has a background in counselling. She has led a varied career from working in the interior architectural industry to art education. Hernie has exhibited in many countries. Her love of art has evolved into a need for creating, learning and teaching art. She has earned a Masters in Visual Art and Master in Counselling that has paved her way for her role as an Associate Mindfulness Coach.

Her formative years in education and travel around the world fulfilled that yearning for creating, but it also took her away from the grounding of her home and community. The transitory stays in different places focused her on minfulness as a means of bringing her back to “self-care” in the stress of new places and new countries. She has been practising mindfulness since 2012 and firmly believes that mindfulness can enhance one’s well-being as it has hers. Hernie’s vocation has driven her to combine mindfulness with creative arts and activities. She believes that expressing one self in art, non-judgmentally, entices an individual to relax and create with joy. She believes mindfulness can help a person and enable them to feel more anchored and attuned with the body, emotions and thoughts. Through her experience, Hernie feels empowered to share her passion with others through the lens of Creativity and Mindfulness.

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