We at the Centre for Mindfulness believe that wellbeing and happiness are not for a privileged few, but for all. And Mindfulness paves the way to realising them. We are a member of The CPD Standard Office who award independent CPD accreditation to training and learning activities across all professions and sectors.

Modern Research and our own experiences showed that a little practice of Mindfulness can go a long way in reducing stress, increasing happiness and enhancing Self-Awareness. These experiences inspired the birth of the Centre for Mindfulness (Singapore) in 2015 with its primary goal to provide Mindfulness Training for the General Public, Corporates and Schools.

The centre currently consists of several mindfulness teachers, with over 35 years of combined practice, teaching and delivering diverse programmes of mindfulness courses. Apart from being Mindfulness practitioners and teachers, our unique team bring years of experience in Leadership Development, Organisational Development, Psychotherapy, Counselling, Education and Yoga.

At the Centre for Mindfulness, we offer you a full programme of mindfulness meditation courses, events and talks that keeps you engaged with yourself. We have designed certification programs to become Mindfulness Teachers and also for Psychotherapists and Counsellors to use mindfulness in their therapy sessions. We have also designed a 8 weeks mindfulness programme called Mindfulness-Based Wellbeing Enhancement (MBWE) amongst others. The programmes are secular and adopt evidence-based approaches to Mindfulness which can be learned in intensive workshops or over a fixed length of time. We also offer bespoke courses for organisations to ensure that their developmental needs are met and also support them in sustaining their practice. Through these trainings and coaching, we facilitate your Self Discovery.

Our Clientele

  1. Economic Development Board
  2. Holistic Ed-Venture
  3. Vyasa Yoga Singapore 
  4. Ibratro Pte Ltd
  5. CoreNet Global 
  6. Singapore General Hospital
  7. Anglo-American
  8. Yoga Time
  9. Swire Pacific Offshore
  10. Inter-Continental Hotel Group
  11. South East Community Development Council
  12. Social Innovation Park
  13. Essec Business School - Asia Pacific
  14. Fengshan Primary School
  15. CHIJ Our Lady of Good Counsel
  16. West Grove Primary School
  17. Victoria School
  18. Institute of Technical Education - College West
  19. Institute of Technical Education - College Central
  20. Huamin Primary School
  21. Westwood Primary School
  22. Republic Polytechnic
  23. Conference Series LLC Ltd
  24. Ministry of Education
  25. Daimler Financial Services
  26. Spectra Secondary School



This is an interesting workshop that opened me to the world of Mindfulness. I liked the Body Scan and Silent Sitting. Cheng W S
It was very applicable in everyday life. Taught us how to be in peace in a hectic environment. Wong S
Thank you Kathirasan for helping me enhance Self Awareness. Betty H
Learned to relax and all problems will find a solution if we cared to take a step back and think through. Michelle L
Mindfulness course has changed my life in more ways than one, firstly it has made me more conscious, more aware, and the very essence of mindfulness is more clear to me.
Secondly during stressful times or situations the practice of mindfulness and its benefits serves as a reminder of how important it is to remain mindful and practice it daily with mindful meditation and actions.
Thirdly one starts to recognise the chaos and turmoil seeping in as soon as one becomes unmindful and this makes us realise how important is the need to be mindful in order to lead a stress free life.
I would definitely recommend this course to anybody who is looking for Inner peace, increasing self awareness and reducing stress, anxiety or depression in their lives, any individual would benefit from this course, as it increases your understanding of oneself and life.
Kathir is a fantastic teacher, who allows you to experience and understand the benefits of mindfulness, in a few words. He makes us practice different mindful strategies in every class and then introspect ourselves without any judgements.He also simplifies the scientific aspects or benefits of mindfulness on our brain in a very interesting and simplified manner. Kashmira Limbuwalla