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Cheryl Yeo 

Certified Mindfulness Teacher

Cheryl Yeo is a Certified Mindfulness Teacher and a Mindfulness Coach with the Centre of Mindfulness. As someone who has been practicing meditation for sometime on her own, her Mindfulness journey began in 2016 as she stumbled upon science and research on how Mindfulness could support children's mental wellbeing especially with neurodivergent children.

With her working experience as an educational therapist and support specialist, Cheryl has been incorporating Mindfulness when working with children, young people and parents. Using Mindfulness, during her interaction with children and adults, has helped her to cultivate awareness of self and others, being present by connecting body and mind, and being kind towards self and others.

Cheryl believes that, with Mindfulness, when the head, heart and hands are aligned, children and adults can nourish and flourish in their daily lives.


Cheryl is certified to instruct young children (Certified Mindfulness Teacher with Mindfulness in School Project UK) and mindfulness programmes for adults.

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