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Michelle Ow
Michelle Ow

Certified Mindfulness Teacher (CMT-P)

Michelle has benefitted personally  from mindfulness practice, supporting her in being aware of taking a  pause, before responding to situations. In the process of practicing  mindfulness, she has also become more compassionate towards self and  others, enhancing her competency as a facilitator, trainer and coach.  Through her experience in being mindful, she feels encouraged to share  this with the people she interacts with, and thus began her journey to  teach mindfulness. Her vision for mindfulness, is to have the youth and  the educators more mindful of their thoughts and emotions, so that it  may be able to support them in coping with the volatility and  uncertainty of the future.


Michelle has been facilitating and training since 1999, mainly in the  education industry, working directly with the youth, teachers and  fellow facilitators and trainers. She partners values-centric  individuals and organisations who are on the journey of transformation,  from the inside out. Michelle graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Mass  Communication, and is a lifelong learner, constantly seeking for  opportunities to upgrade herself to better serve in the training and  facilitation industry.

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