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Devi Mirchandani
Devi Mirchandani

Mindfulness Connector
Certified Mindfulness Teacher (CMT-P)

As a previous entrepreneur operating in a high-pressure environment, Devi sought alternative modalities and intuitively knew the way to happiness and wellbeing was to get to the root cause of any matter. While it helped on a physical level, on an emotional level she was still dissatisfied and restless. Then she chanced upon mindfulness at the height of Covid-19 setting her onto a trajectory which she knew would lead to addressing her unresolved issues. In fact, having delved deeper into the research and with her own practice growing, she is convinced mindfulness has the potential to resolve many of the world's challenges.  It is her wish and desire now to share the benefits of this deep understanding and knowledge. 


While it seems simple, she has found cultivating mindfulness is not easy, as the mind resists new challenges. Like water ripples, her philosophy now is to make an impact one person and one community at a time. Her ultimate wish is for more senior management, leaders and policy makers to make the time to learn and practice this skill, only then will the effects trickle downstream and benefit the whole. This takes courage to be open, to be receptive and to trust the process.  


As an observer of world events, she feels strongly that now is the time for leaders to incorporate this secular practice into their daily life so it becomes second nature to where it matters most and eventually benefit the next generation and humanity as a whole.

Devi holds certifications to instruct both the Mindfulness-Based Wellbeing Enhancement (MBWE) and the Mindfulness-Based Cancer Recovery (MBCR) programs.

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