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Aifa Ahmad
Aifa Ahmad

Mindfulness Connector
Certified Mindfulness Teacher

Aifa is a  Certified Mindfulness Teacher. Aifa’s jouney in Mindfulness began when she was looking for an alternative to manage her emotions better as  situations started to become overwhelming for her recently. She is a certified Aqua Fitness Trainer and conducts Aqua fitness sessions for  women, focusing on women with health issues and for first-timers who  would like to make a change and start on their workout transformations.  She hopes to be able to leverage Mindfulness Practices in Aqua Fitness  and her Experiential Learning Programmes.


With Mindfulness, she sees the  potential in mentoring and developing future Sports Men & Women in  paintball to achieve better performance and success through the sport  which can then help them manage their daily lives better, becoming more  aware, paying more attention of their present moment and be more  accepting of themselves as well as others. Mindfulness has helped Aifa  to respond better in highly stressful situations especially when running  her own business as well as managing her family and her loved ones. Her  current goal is to bring Secular Mindfulness to the Malaysian markets.

Aifa is certified to instruct the Mindfulness-Based Wellbeing Enhancement (MBWE) program.

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