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Nikhila Sharma
Nikhila Sharma

Managing Director (India)
Certified Mindfulness Teacher (CMT-P)

Nikhila is the Director of the Centre for Mindfulness - India and a Certified Mindfulness Teacher. Nikhila discovered mindfulness in 2018 and has been engaged in yoga and meditation since 2016. One of her insights from her personal mindfulness journey is that connecting the mind and body is a skill that is not easy to learn, but an important one to be able to live life to the fullest in spite of everything that may not work in our favour. Discovering, exploring and practicing mindfulness has helped her do exactly that.


She has been very positively impacted by the practice of mindfulness in her roles as an employee, spouse and mother amongst others. She made a decision in 2019 to take on the responsibility of spreading mindfulness far and wide not just because of the benefits for herself but also backed by the research that she has been reading. In her roles of a Country Lead and a Mindfulness Teacher, she envisions to help everyone live life mindfully and eventually to do her part in making this Earth a better place for our future generations.


Nikhila who hails from Bikaner (India), completed her B.Tech. from NIT Jaipur. She brings several years of experience in the areas of marketing, customer service and operations. She is a mother of two young children whom she is practicing mindful parenting with. During her leisure time, she has assisted her partner with marketing, content creation and research for his enterprise and has also developed a new hobby of video editing in the recent years.

Nikhila is certified to instruct the Mindfulness-Based Wellbeing Enhancement (MBWE) program.

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