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Hina Pitroda - Jorgensen
Hina Pitroda

Certified Mindfulness Teacher (CMT-P)

Hina is a board certified health and wellness coach, a certified mindfulness teacher, and a trained teacher of mindful self-compassion. Finding so much joy and resiliency on this wellness journey, she decided to add other modalities and gained certification in breath-work, laughter yoga and Circle of Security parenting. 


Being a mother brings her the deepest pride, joy, and fulfilment. Having lived in three different countries an currently residing in the United States, she faced the stressors of integration and finding community. Feeling mostly like an outsider in all the different places, mindfulness was an anchor that brought her a sense of deep connection and belonging. 


Hina brings a compassionate, non-judgemental, and inclusive approach to her work. She enjoys time with her family, painting, drawing, dance, and all types of exercise. You may find her reading non-fiction for the love of learning, while accruing many fiction books to put on her overfilled book-selves. 

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