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Albert Tiong
Albert Tiong

Managing Director (Singapore/Vietnam/Malaysia)
Aviation Sector Head
Certified Mindfulness Teacher

Albert is Managing Director at the Centre for Mindfulness, Singapore, Vietnam and Malaysia.  He also heads the aviation vertical for the centre.  He has been practicing Mindfulness for more than 5 years, and has been facilitating workshops on mindfulness to corporate and school participants in Singapore and Vietnam.


He spent a major part of his career in the Aviation industry teaching and training aspiring pilots in reputable flight training schools in Singapore and Vietnam. When he encountered Mindfulness, he realised that practicing mindfulness had a huge impact on him personally and professionally. Raising his self-awareness through sustained mindfulness practices allowed him to enhance his relationship with himself, particularly on the handling of daily challenges. Professionally he found that mindfulness could impact situational awareness positively by reducing pilot errors, therefore improving performance and safety levels.


He has been training and mentoring youth for more than 12 years, and has been a career coach for RMIT University Vietnam, guiding university students through life challenges with principles of mindfulness. Albert also supervised numerous capstone projects from university students, including the inaugural Mindfulness Conference 2023, jointly organized by Centre for Mindfulness and Fulbright University Vietnam.


He has keen interest in the area of Human Factors, regularly  analyzing aircraft accidents and incidents and exploring methods to  effectively educate ab initio pilots on human errors, and Threat and Error Management (TEM). He has introduced mindfulness practices in his classroom to improve student performance, with the objective of  enhancing core competencies of pilots.  His latest mission includes training of aviation instructors, incorporating principles of mindfulness and wellbeing into the pilot training programs.


Besides instructing ATPL ground school, Albert is also a Crew Resource Management (CRM) Facilitator and a certified Aviation English instructor. He holds a Master’s degree in International Business from Curtin University of Technology, as well as a Commercial Pilot License issued by the UK Civil Aviation Authority.

Albert is certified to instruct the Mindfulness-Based Wellbeing Enhancement (MBWE) program.

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