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Being Mindful

by Kathirasan K

The first steps towards being mindful is to bring Intention, Attention and Attitude into our lives. These are three core principles of Mindfulness. These three aspects can be cultivated through the very practice of Mindfulness daily, if that works for you. Interestingly, these three aspects are both the fruits of practice and the foundation for consistent practice.

I often found the very desire to be mindful is half the battle won. In fact I wish that you approach Mindfulness not as another item in your checklist but rather making it a way of living. That way you do not treat being Mindful as one of the many things to be accomplished. It is best that you see mindfulness like the way you breathe. Do you make a petition every day to your lungs to breathe for your wellbeing or does it just happen? All of us breathe effortlessly. Have you noticed your breathing patterns changing when you are in different mental states or moods? Do we wilfully make our breathing heavy when we go for a jog or does it happen naturally? Many things in nature just happens like the Sun rising and setting (oops, I mean the Earth that is rotating). Natural phenomena do not have an agenda like us humans. They are not motivated by rewards and successes.Mindfulness is best appreciated when you have no real agenda other than being mindful. It is indeed a way of living and being yourself, with yourself.

I liken the three principles of Mindfulness to be a car. The steering wheel is the intention. The engine is the Attention and the Construction of the Car is the Attitude. All of these three have a significant effect on the performance of the car. Similarly so it is for you in your Mindfulness practices.

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