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Certification Programmes

These programs are meticulously crafted to ensure participants achieve a high level of skill and competence in teaching Mindfulness as a profession. They incorporate thorough assessments and practicums, culminating in a certification that is recognized within the industry, thereby validating the participants' expertise and proficiency in this specialized field.

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Mindfulness Teacher Training

For : Everyone
To : Teach 8-week MBWE and to adapt & design interventions


Mindfulness-Oriented Counselling & Psychotherapy Training

For : Therapists & Counsellors
To : Include Mindfulness interventions in their work with clients

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Organisational Mindfulness Instructor Training

For : HR & L&D personnel, Professionals, Workplace Coaches, Anyone interested in working with organisations
To : Facilitate Mindfulness at workplaces/organisations 

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Schools Mindfulness Facilitator Training

For : School teachers & staff, School/Kids/Youth Coaches or Anyone interested in working with schools/kids
To : Facilitate Mindfulness at schools or to teach kids/youth

Certification Courses

Certificate Courses

These courses are tailored to provide specialized training in Mindfulness or its instruction. They feature mandatory assessments that participants must complete. Upon successful completion, participants are awarded a certificate that verifies they have mastered the essential skills and knowledge presented throughout the course.

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M101 - Foundations of Mindfulness

Basic course for introduction to mindfulness foundations and starting your certification journey


M102 - Facilitating Mindfulness Practices

Basic course for guiding formal and informal mindfulness practices


M201 - Foundations of Mindfulness-Based Wellbeing Enhancement (MBWE)

Intermediate course for deepening your understanding of the MBPs and the MBWE


M301 - Designing & Facilitating Mindfulness Programs

Intermediate course for designing and facilitating effective mindfulness sessions


M401 - MTT Practicum & Professional Development

Advanced Course for hands-on supervised learning for earning your CMT-P credential

Attentive Therapist

M501 - Mindful Therapist


M502 - Mindfulness for Various Life Stages & Session Planning


M503 - Mindfulness for Clinical Interventions


M504 - MOCP Practicum & Professional Development

Certificate Courses
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