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Mindfulness for Senior Wellbeing (MSW)

Mindfulness for Senior Wellbeing is an evidence-based Mindfulness programme to improve older adults' psychosocial wellbeing and cognitive functions. 

Mindfulness for Senior Wellbeing


Mindfulness for Senior Wellbeing (MSW) is a tailored adaptation of the Mindfulness-Based Wellbeing Enhancement (MBWE) program specifically designed to improve the psychosocial wellbeing and cognitive functions of older adults. This program helps seniors cultivate mindfulness, enhancing their ability to manage stress, improve sleep quality, and reduce worrying thoughts related to financial and material concerns. Participants have reported notable improvements in mindfulness levels, better sleep, and a significant reduction in anxiety, leading to a more peaceful and balanced life. This course offers a supportive environment where older adults can learn and practice mindfulness techniques that are attuned to their unique needs, promoting overall mental and emotional health.


Results after 5 weeks

Participant evaluations of MSW have been overwhelmingly positive, indicating benefits such as:


  • Improved levels of mindfulness 

  • Positive changes in sleep quality 

  • Reduced worrying thought in financial and material concerns 

MSW Curriculum

5 weekly 2 hour Sessions

Weekly Themes & Intentions

  • Cultivating Curiosity

  • Responding with Acceptance

  • Being Grateful

  • Enhancing Wellbeing and Happiness

Exercises & Discussions

  • Appreciation of Wellbeing

  • Gratitude

Mindfulness Practices

  • Metaphor Meditations

  • Body Scan

  • Mindful Movement

  • Sitting Meditation

  • Awareness of Breath

  • Mindful Walking

  • Mindful Perception

  • Mindful Eating

  • Loving Kindness

  • Coping Breathing Space

What you receive in the course:


  • 5 week of live teacher led sessions

  • a personal journal with reading materials

  • access to guided meditations

  • refund options within 1 week after course starts

  • certificate of completion if 80% attendance is achieved

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