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We deliver Mindfulness as neuroscience and evidence-based practices to industries, schools and individuals through training, research and education. We enable individuals to BE and enhance wellbeing, quality of life and performance.

Accredited Training Provider

Our Clients

Ministry Of Education, Daimler Financial Services, Singapore General Hospital, Corenet Global, ITE College West, South East CDC, Fengshan Primary School, Republic Polytechnic, Victoria School, Wood Mackenzie Asia Pacific, Surbana Jurong, Swire Pacific Offshore, Essec Business School, Corenet Global, EDB Singapore, Inter-Continental Hotel Group, Toa Payoh Polyclinic and many more.

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the disposition and practice of Awareness, Attention and Acceptance. It is the art of living in the present moment without losing focus on the future. It allows us to be self-aware while we go about the affairs of our lives.

Mindfulness is a method for taking us back to experience life as it happens.
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How Does Mindfulness Help?

  1. Increases positive states of mind
  2. Decreases anxiety, stress, depression and irritability
  3. Improves attentional & working memory capacities
  4. Enhances innovation and creativity
  5. Improves mental and physical wellbeing
  6. Enhances interpersonal functioning, empathy and self-awareness


Numerous individuals who practice mindfulness find that they are happier in both personal and professional lives.

Productivity & Performance

Mindfulness increases Mental Performance at work and promotes effective workplace behaviour, thus creating a positive impact on organisations and its culture.

Mental & Physical Health

Mindfulness can help reduce stress, treat heart disease, lower blood pressure, reduce chronic pain and improve sleep. It has become a critical element in the treatment of various mental health issues, including depression.

Who we are?

Accredited Mindfulness Training Provider

The Centre for Mindfulness, established in 2015, is a one stop centre for mindfulness training. We are a member of the CPD Standards Office (United Kingdom) and an accredited Mindfulness Training Provider. The centre provides mindfulness training for Individuals, Corporates and Schools.

At the Centre for Mindfulness, we offer you a full range of mindfulness courses, events and talks. Our programmes are secular and adopt evidence-based approaches to Mindfulness which can be learned in intensive workshops or over a length of time. We also offer bespoke courses and consulting for organisations to ensure that their developmental needs are met and also support them in sustaining their practice.

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Mindfulness Training Workshops

All our programmes are skillfully designed by our team of Certified Mindfulness Teachers, Psychologists, Educators and OD Consultants. Our programmes utilise evidence and experiential based practices that engage the audience and provide a repertoire of choices so that each learner can choose one that best suits their disposition. 

We have trained

Mindfulness practitioners in Singapore

Education Workshops

Best suited for schools, colleges, universities & private institutions

Target Audience
Leadership Students Teachers

Corporate Workshops

Best suited for Businesses, Corporations, Companies, Public Services and SMEs

Public Workshops

Best suited for individuals, parents, children and professionals

Certification Workshops

Best suited for people who would like to get certified to teach Mindfulness


Best suited for organisations and schools that would like to explore Mindfulness to meet specific needs

Target Audience
Corporates Schools

Mindfulness Books

The art of being a leader - not becoming one book cover

Mindfulness based leadership - The art of being a leader - not becoming one

Book Rating 4 out of 5 stars

Today we need a new type of leader. As we enter the fourth industrial revolution, we need leaders with the wisdom to address new ways of working, to make a positive change in the world. One of the key premises of Mindfulness-Based Leadership is that leadership is about being, not becoming. We make a bigger difference by looking within ourselves than by striving to become what we are not.

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How to find inner peace in a world of stress and anxiety book cover

Mindfulness in 8 days - How to find inner peace in a world of stress and anxiety

Book Rating 3 out of 5 stars

Based on the author's life-changing experiences with Mindfulness, this book offers a superb introduction to how readers can begin their own journey today. Along the way, we learn to live in the present moment, re-examine the meaning of success, failure, stress and joy, and confront any difficult situation with poise and inner strength.

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What our clients say


Sharing of the trainers’ and participants’ experiences and learnings. Have made some changes to my lifestyle - enjoying and chewing my food, being more at present moment, non-judgmental. 

Yogeas -

I love that we are able to do various practices without having to rush over them. The instructions (from Sunita) for each practices were very clear. 

Zaahira -

Learned to relax and all problems will find a solution if we cared to take a step back and think through.

Michelle L -

Thank you Kathirasan for helping me enhance Self Awareness.

Betty H -

This is an interesting workshop that opened me to the world of Mindfulness. I liked the Body Scan and Silent Sitting.

Cheng WS -

Our Valuable Clients

EDB Singapore
Swire Pacific Offshore
National Healthcare Group
Weber Shandwick
MOE Singapore
Assumption Pathway School
Singapore General Hospital
ITE Singapore
Anglo American
Hua Min Primary School
Changkat Primary School
Feng Shan Primary School
Republic Polytechnic
Social Innovation Park
Spectra Secondary School
Victoria School
Westgrove Primary
Yew Tee Primary