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All parents want their child to be happy and make a positive impact on the world. Children learn to be agile and resilient, developing their academic and life skills as well as emotional well-being as they grow. A child depends a lot on their parents and teachers for guidance so they can understand and manage their emotions, as well as set and achieve positive goals. Though not often expressed, all this learning is actually an important aspect of what is Mindfulness. This book is organized into 30 topics or themes which can be used for weekly discussion between parent and child. The author also provides ideas on how parents can use the activities to engage the child to deepen their social-emotional health using mindfulness. Children can explore the activities, reflections, experiments, and mindful coloring and have fun while learning


Dr. Sunita Rai

My First Book on Mindfulness by Dr. Sunita Rai

  • Dr. Sunita Rai

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