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Announcement: Research Study of Mindfulness on Wellbeing

29 May 2023

The Centre for Mindfulness is undertaking two research studies with Temasek Polytechnic to explore the impact of Mindfulness-Based Programmes on Wellbeing. The first study aims to find out if there is any difference in the results of online and face-to-face facilitation of Mindfulness-Based Programmes. The second study aims to find out how the senior wellbeing can be impacted through Mindfulness-Based Programmes. We believe that the new insights will shape the future of teaching mindfulness.

The research project, led by the students of Temasek Polytechnic’s School of Humanities & Social Sciences, will involve surveys and interviews. By engaging with a diverse group of participants, including healthy populations and seniors, we aim to gather valuable data that will help us better understand how mindfulness impacts populations from this part of the world.

Mr Albert Tiong, our Managing Director said, "Our commitment to understanding our customers has always been at the core of these research studies. We are also firm believers that our mindfulness programs should be adapted to our customers as they come from a diverse background. It is in that spirit that we will endeavour to collaborate with more institutes of higher learning, both in Singapore and beyond, to conduct even more research studies on mindfulness with various populations, and we look forward to sharing the results of our studies for the betterment of the world."

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