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Mindful Discipline

Leaders, Teachers, Staff


“The greatest gift you can give someone is to get yourself together.”

- Wendy Palmer

The Mindful Discipline workshop aims to deepen understanding of Mindfulness and its application in constructive and restorative practices to discipline students and managing boundaries without compromising compassion. Punishments, power, control and threats may not be the only means to changing behaviour in children and youth. Being too permissive or too authoritarian tends to be ineffective leading to more unwholesome behaviours in students. Working with students to change unwholesome behaviours can be difficult and teachers play multiple roles and responsibilities that may create stress and reactivity. 

With the techniques of Mindful Discipline, teachers can maintain healthy boundaries, respect and compassion while responding from a space of empathic and collected response.



  • larity over purpose and intention

  • feel more empowered

  • increases grounding

  • increases confidence

  • improves focused attention and attentional flexibility

  • promotes emotional balance and regulation

  • improves control and response flexibility

  • improves stress management and stress reduction

  • increases empathy and compassion to self and students

  • increases resiliency

  • increases self and other acceptance

  • secure attachment: Supports healthy relationships and boundaries in school and home

  • enhances school climate

  • reduces anxiety and depression

  • enhances pro-social behaviours

  • deepens awareness of respectful boundaries

  • increases proactiveness

  • reduces judgement

  • increases objectivity

  • attunes communication

  • increases curiosity

  • greater internal locus of control

  • supports overall wellbeing

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