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Truman Ng

Country Director (Malaysia)

Passionate about integrating technology with personal development, Truman Ng currently holds Singapore’s ACTA certification and HRDF Certification in Malaysia. He loves to share ideas related to personal growth and technology.

Meanwhile, he deeply immersed in the journey of personal growth. His devotion to the study of Confucianism fuels the quest for knowledge and understanding, guiding him toward mindfulness, humanity, self-awareness, peacefulness, and simplicity. 

Motivated by a profound desire to spread joy and restore happiness in people’s lives, he champions the power of living in the present moment. 

Through his professional work and personal endeavors, he strives to empower individuals to reconnect with themselves and embrace the elegance of simplicity. Whether providing IT consultancy or mental guidance, his mission remains steadfast: to assist others in rediscovering the profound happiness inherent in the present moment.

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