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Mindfulness Programmes for Teachers

Our mindfulness programmes for teachers are uniquely designed on the principles of mindfulness. The programmes are catered to the various needs and functions of teachers in schools and educational institutions. The programmes can be customised for all types of schools. 

Young Teacher

1. Mindfulness for Teachers

Mindfulness workshop for Educators is a unique professional development program that helps teachers to handle the stresses and rediscover the joys of teaching. It is an approach that allows teachers to participate more fully in their teaching and to use mindfulness to help their students to promote social-emotional learning (SEL). It offers an opportunity to enhance their wellbeing and build inner resources to deal with stress. Teachers will learn to bring greater calmness, mindfulness and awareness into the classroom to enhance their relationships with their students.

2. Mindfulness-Oriented Classroom Management

The workshop aims to deepen understanding of Mindfulness and its application of its concepts and tools in classroom instruction. With mindfulness, there is a reduced chance of educators becoming emotionally exhausted which leads to de-personalisation and eventually feelings of lack of personal accomplishment.


The workshop aims to introduce teachers on:


1. the practices of mindfulness and its benefits in day to day interactions and activities including having a positive impact on their personal life, as well as


2. a repertoire specific classroom management techniques that will help embody mindfulness in both teachers and students.


The programme includes tried, tested and evidenced based secular Mindfulness practices, attention training, concentration, breathing and movement practices with a combination of psychological and strength based practices to enhance the impact of Mindfulness. The whole workshop will be conducted through a series of activities and small group reflections.


3. Mindful Discipline

Teacher and Student

The Mindful Discipline workshop aims to deepen understanding of Mindfulness and its application in constructive and restorative practices to discipline students and managing boundaries without compromising compassion. Punishments, power, control and threats may not be the only means to changing behaviour in children and youth. Being too permissive or too authoritarian tends to be ineffective leading to more unwholesome behaviours in students. Working with students to change unwholesome behaviours can be difficult and teachers play multiple roles and responsibilities that may create stress and reactivity. 


With the techniques of Mindful Discipline, teachers can maintain healthy boundaries, respect and compassion while responding from a space of empathic and collected response.

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