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Mindfulness for Children with ADHD
Mindfulness for Children with ADHD

Sat, Jan 13


Centre for Mindfulness

Mindfulness for Children with ADHD

(7 - 9 Years Old)

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Time & Location

Jan 13, 2024, 10:00 AM

Centre for Mindfulness, Grandlink Square, 511 Guillemard Rd, #03-08, Singapore 399849

About the Event

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a neuro-developmental disorder that can have a significant impact on a child's behaviour, academic performance, and social interactions. The effects of ADHD on children may include:

  • Inattention: difficulty paying attention to details, following instructions, and completing tasks.
  • Hyperactivity: having a hard time sitting still and may seem restless or fidgety.
  • Impulsivity: act before thinking and have difficulty controlling their impulses.
  • Academic difficulties: struggling with academic tasks, such as reading, writing, and math.
  • Social difficulties: having trouble making and keeping friends, and may struggle with social interactions.
  • Emotional difficulties: being more prone to emotional outbursts, frustration, and anger.
  • Sleep problems: having difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep.

While ADHD affects each child differently, and some children may have more severe symptoms than others. It's also important to remember that children with ADHD are not lazy, unmotivated, or unintelligent. With proper support, children with ADHD can learn to manage their symptoms and thrive. Mindfulness training is one such support that can be provided for children with ADHD and it can be beneficial as it can help them with:

  • Better emotional regulation: better regulating their emotions, reduce impulsivity, and manage their behaviour.
  • Reduced stress and anxiety: reducing stress and anxiety by teaching them how to manage their thoughts and emotions, and to be more present in the moment.
  • Increased self-awareness: developing greater self-awareness, helping them understand their own needs and triggers, and learn to manage them more effectively.
  • Improved social skills: improving their social skills by teaching them how to be present, listen actively, and communicate more effectively with others.

Our mindfulness program for children with ADHD can be a helpful support for children with ADHD to manage their symptoms and improve their overall well-being. We encourage parents to use mindfulness practices in conjunction with other treatment options, such as medication or therapy, for the best outcomes.

Participants will receive:

  • Mindfulness workbook
  • MP3 files for practices

Session Dates

  • January 2024:  13th, 20th, 27th
  • February 2024:  3rd, 17th, 24th
  • March 2024: 2nd, 9th

Time: 10:00am to 11:15am

Venue to be confirmed.

About the trainer Ms Hernie Khames:

Hernie is an artist and an educator who has a background in counselling. She has led a varied career from working in the interior architectural industry to art education. Hernie has exhibited in many countries. Her love of art has evolved into a need for creating, learning and teaching art. She has earned a Master in Visual Arts and Master in Counselling that has paved her way for her role as a certified Mindfulness Teacher.

Her formative years in education and travel around the world fulfilled that yearning for creating, but it also took her away from the grounding of her home and community. The transitory stays in different places focused her on mindfulness as a means of bringing her back to “self-care” in the stress of new places and new countries.

She has been practicing mindfulness since 2012 and firmly believes that mindfulness can enhance one’s well-being as it has hers. Hernie’s vocation has driven her to combine mindfulness with creative arts and activities. She has taught many groups of people in Mindfulness. She has facilitated Mindfulness through Art public programs and believes that expression through art, in a non-judgmental environment, entices individuals to relax and create with joy. She believes mindfulness can help a person and enable them to feel more anchored and attuned with the body, emotions and thoughts.

Through her experience, Hernie feels empowered to share her passion with others through the lens of Creativity and Mindfulness.

Academic Qualifications

  • Master of Counselling, Monash University
  • Master of Visual Arts, Monash University
  • Bachelor of Visual Arts, Monash University
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Special Education (ADHD, Autism and Learning Disabilities), Asian College of Teachers
  • Diploma of Teaching in Art Education, Singapore National Institute of Education
  • Diploma in Art Therapy, College of Educational and Clinical Art Therapy, Australia
  • Certification in Teaching Mindfulness and Mindfulness based Courses


  • Approved Trainer, Ministry Of Education
  • Certified Mindfulness Teacher - Professional, International Mindfulness Teachers Association

Languages: English / Malay


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