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Mindfulness-Based Classroom Management



"Mindfulness must be more than a set of instructional techniques. It must take hold in classrooms in ways that permeate the lives of both students and teachers"

- Ron Ritchhart and David N. Perkins (Harvard University)

The workshop aims to deepen understanding of Mindfulness and its application of its concepts and tools in classroom instruction. With mindfulness, there is a reduced chance of educators becoming emotionally exhausted which leads to de-personalisation and eventually feelings of lack of personal accomplishment.

The workshop aims to introduce teachers on:

1. the practices of mindfulness and its benefits in day to day interactions and activities including having a positive impact on their personal life, as well as

2. a repertoire specific classroom management techniques that will help embody mindfulness in both teachers and students.

The programme includes tried, tested and evidenced based secular Mindfulness practices, attention training, concentration, breathing and movement practices with a combination of psychological and strength based practices to enhance the impact of Mindfulness. The whole workshop will be conducted through a series of activities and small group reflections.



  • clarity over purpose and intention

  • improves focused attention and attentional flexibility

  • increases and deepens self and other awareness and understanding

  • promotes emotional balance

  • improves stress management and stress reduction

  • increases compassion to self and students

  • supports overall wellbeing

  • enhances the ability to innovate

  • increases resiliency and confidence

  • increases self acceptance

  • increases authenticity and inspiration

  • supports healthy relationships in school and home

  • enhances classroom climate

  • increases relational nourishment and responsiveness to students’ needs

  • reduces anxiety and depression

  • enhances pro social behaviours

  • increases empathy

  • deepens awareness of respectful boundaries

  • increases proactiveness

  • reduces judgement and increases objectivity

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