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Exploring Mindfulness through Art (EMTA)

Anyone above 18-years old


This workshop offers an introduction to Mindfulness through Art. It  integrates selected mindfulness practices from research evidence and  global practices in 6-selected art themes. The art activities focus  on non-striving and non-judging i.e. Mindfulness practices that engage  participants in the moment and reduce stress in a non-outcome-based  session. The class provides knowledge, demonstrations and guidance  towards experiential learning.  All art materials will be included. With  6-possible workshops in a 12-month term, participants can learn,  explore and develop mindfulness skills in a variety of art-based  workshops. By intertwining mindfulness and art, this workshop explores a wonderful immersive practice into a powerfully recharging emotional experience.



Exploring Mindfulness Through Art (EMTA) workshop has  provided individuals with a positive outlet for learning and engaging  in the present moment. Each  person explores mindfulness while immersing themselves in the art  activities. In the past, participants found themselves to be emotionally rested and remarked at their feeling of calmness throughout the  session. These experiences pervaded their sense of being and allowed them to be grounded in their day to day activities.

The eventual  goal of combining mindfulness with art is to provide  participants with an avenue to enhance their well-being. The combination of mindfulness practices with art activities is found to have the following benefits: 

- Reduced stress
- Developed Internal resilience
- Encouraged personal respite
- Increased levels of happiness
- Refocused attention
- Developed self-awareness
- Boosted creativity
What will the Participants receive?
- Audio files for practices
- Artwork that was created by themselves

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