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Mindfulness Workshop for School Leaders

Staff with Leadership and Supervisory roles


The Mindfulness Workshop for School Leaders (Mindfulness-Based  Leadership) is aimed at enhancing self-awareness in school leaders to  enable them to be effective in leading teams and people to achieve the  school's strategic objectives. This workshop introduces leaders with the  practices of mindfulness and its benefits in day to day activities in  the school including having a positive impact on their leadership,  workplace relationships and personal lives. It includes tried, tested  and evidenced based Mindfulness practices that will equip leadership  with self-management techniques which will allow them to confront  challenging situations in the school setting and in their lives.



  • enhances problem solving, decision making, focusing, analysing

  • positive emotional contagion effect

  • coaching with compassion

  • increases employee job performance, job satisfaction and need satisfaction

  • enhances present moment attention

  • strengthens intentionality

  • increases self-compassion

  • enhances witnessing awareness

  • more clarity

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