Sonam Mahajan

Sonam Mahajan

Sonam Mahajan

  • Director (India)
  • Alumni

  • HEC Paris
  • University of Delhi

Sonam is the Director of the Centre for Mindfulness - India. Sonam has been practicing mindfulness for over 10 years. She has aspired to learn from various disciplines and teachers to gain a wholesome perspective on mindfulness. She is passionate about bringing mindfulness to transform the lives of people. Sonam believes that the key to doing that is in making mindfulness practices accessible, understandable and relatable.
She has been active in engaging communities with mindfulness in Singapore. In 2015 she co-founded MindBodyAdvisor, a social enterprise and online platform for inspiration and action on mindfulness. She has volunteered with Wisdom 2.0, the largest conference on mindfulness in business and with organisations such as Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute, founded at Google. She underwent a program on Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) at the University of Massachusetts Medical School.

In addition, Sonam is an Executive Coach, mentor and trainer with over 10 years of multi-industry work experience. She empowers people to lead a life of highest quality. Her portfolio of work ranges from driving results in boardrooms, enabling couples to transition smoothly into parenting, nurturing leadership and guiding people in leading mindful lives.

Sonam has embarked on a few entrepreneurial journeys in her career. She has worked for the United Nations, Singapore government and held positions in the social and corporate sector. She has worked cross-culturally in South America, Europe and Asia. She leverages these diverse experiences along with compassion and wholesome perspectives for problem solving.

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