Rohani Abdul Razak

Rohani Abdul Razak

Rohani Abdul Razak

  • Associate Mindfulness Coach
  • Alumni

  • National University of Singapore

Rohani has spent a large part of her career as an MOE trained school teacher after giving up her job as a staff nurse. Her teaching repertoire includes a variety of students from primary, secondary and polytechnic institutions. Her expanse of teaching experience made her realise the connection between mental health and learning which is the reason that motivated her to get herself trained in Counselling Psychology.

As a survivor of depression and anxiety disorder, she understands the link between mental health and living a fulfilled life. Her mental challenges became a stumbling block towards healthy relationships, advancement in her career and the simple enjoyment of every day life. Having worked with parents extensively, Rohani realise that many are committed to helping their children but are not quite sure as to how to go about it. Young people too are constantly at a loss to face the many challenges in this ever changing world. Her belief is that we can all do better with a little more help and guidance. She found Mindfulness Practice to be one of the many helpful tools.

Rohani feels her purpose is to validate and empower others towards mental wellbeing and in doing so achieve their potential. Prevention is always better than cure. She sees any investment in mental health education as an ultimate investment towards happiness and success which is something we all dream for ourselves and for our children.

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