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Jenna Davidson

Jenna Davidson

  • Mindfulness Coach
  • Alumni

  • Korean National University of Education

Jenna is a Certified Mindfulness Teacher. Her mindfulness practice along with her yoga practice has been helping her to center herself while going through various changes in her life. Juggling different roles as an instructor, translator, volunteer, mother and a wife while interacting with people from various cultures can be quite demanding, but mindfulness practice helps her to convert these challenges into opportunities. Mindfulness enables her to embrace every moment without judgements rather than being threatened by it. Although life is still hectic, now she feels that she is finally behind the steering wheel. She is hoping to cultivate benefits of mindfulness that she is personally experiencing.

Jenna has over 15 years of working experience in multi-cultural environments, interpreting and translating for various conferences, workshops and seminars in Korea, New York, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Singapore. She has also been teaching business English, IB essay and TOEFL to students with various occupations and ages. Along with her professions, she volunteers as a counsellor for Lifeline Singapore and a docent for National Gallery Singapore.

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