Aishwariyah S

Aishwariyah S

Aishwariyah S

  • Associate Mindfulness Coach
  • Alumni

  • Nanyang Technological University
  • Edith Cowan University

Practicing mindfulness has helped Asha in becoming an effective person on the whole. Developing the ability to observe regular activities with complete awareness has created opportunities for her to understand, appreciate and savour the present moment. As an educator and parent, she is now able to cultivate mindfulness in the classroom as well as at home through empowering her students/children to take ownership of their learning by focusing on the present and on the purpose of what they are doing. She strongly believes that every child must be taught how to practice mindfulness in order to achieve their greatest potential.

Asha has been in the Arts and Education industry for more than 10 years. She has worked with many cultural, educational and arts organisations locally and overseas. Presently, Asha is an Independent Language Arts educator, delivering Theatre, Drama and Language Arts programme. She integrates Mindfulness in her programmes such as language arts/drama and stage productions. She trains students in local and international arts academies, kindergartens, primary and secondary schools.

She holds a Master of Education (Drama), a Bachelor in Communication, a Certificate in Teaching the Arts in Early Childhood Environments and a Grade 6 in Speech & Drama (Distinction).

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