Mindfulness Programs for Education

Our Mindfulness Based Education programmes are uniquely designed for schools based on the principles of mindfulness and teaching. The programmes are catered to all the stakeholders of an educational institution.

  • Mindfulness for Youths At-Risk Workshop

    Adolescence is a stage marked with rapid changes in intellectual, emotional, cognitive, behavioural, physical and interpersonal relationship

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    Youth-At-Risk age 13 to 25 group
  • Mindfulness for Special Needs Students Workshop

    Research on the effects of mindfulness on special needs children is growing. Current research findings appear to suggest positive impact on special needs children and their teachers.

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    Students with special needs age 7 to 25 group
  • Mindful Discipline Workshop

    This workshop teaches staff, teachers and leaders on how the use mindfulness concepts, restorative practices and mindfulness tools in disciplining students and managing healthy boundaries without compromising compassion and respect for one another. 

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    Leaders, Teachers, Staff group
  • Mindfulness-Based Classroom Management (MBCM) Workshop

    This program teaches teachers to learn to bring greater calm, mindfulness and awareness into the classroom to enhance their relationships with their students, their classroom management, and curricular implementation. It promotes empathy and compassion through caring and mindful teaching practice.

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    Teachers group
  • New Program

    Mindfulness Workshop for School Leaders

    The ultimate purpose of our Mindfulness Workshop for School Leaders is to shape a future that is visionary, inclusive, and that enables all stakeholders of the educational institution to fulfill their needs, dreams and potential.

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    Staff with Leadership and Supervisory roles group
  • Mindfulness Workshop for Teachers

    This workshop helps teachers to learn to bring greater calmness, mindfulness and awareness into their personal and professional lives to enhance their wellbeing. 

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    Teachers group
  • Mindfulness Workshop For Students

    Mindfulness workshops for students provide students with preventive and coping tools to help them remain calm, regulate their emotions, sustain their attention, and be able to focus in the classroom and at home. 

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    Students between the age of 7 to 25 group