Mindfulness Teacher Training

  • Duration of program

    12 Weeks

  • Maximum Workshop Size


  • Weekly Engagement Session

    2 to 5 hours (total of 270 hours)

  • Assessment (optional)


  • Target Group

    Anyone who has completed an 8-week Mindfulness programme

Why People Choose To Attend Our Mindfulness Teacher Training?

  • accredited programme by the The CPD Standards Office (United Kingdom)
  • learn to teach research and evidence-based Secular Mindfulness
  • an intensive and comprehensive 270 hour programme
  • the programme is designed based on the mindfulness teacher competencies of the Universities of Bangor, Exeter and Oxford.
  • develop facilitation skills unique to Mindfulness for leading groups and individuals
  • learn to integrate mindfulness into other professional disciplines
  • taught by a team of Mindfulness Practitioners and Psychologists


Pathway for Certification

 CFM website

1) Pathway
Stage 0: PRE-requisite:

All applicants MUST have completed an 8 week mindfulness course (such as MBWE, MBSR, MBCT etc) before applying for this programme and should submit evidence of completion with their application.

Stage 1: Complete all 5 modules over 12 weeks.
Module 1: Theoretical Foundation of Mindfulness
Module 2: Programme Design and Development
Module 3: Teaching a 8 Week Mindfulness Course
Module 4: Facilitating Mindfulness Practices
Module 5: Teaching and Working with Groups

- Trainees would need to have at least 80% attendance for all modules and pass all tests with a 80% pass rate.
- All reading assignments must also be completed during the 12 weeks.

Stage 2: Complete Practicum
- Conduct a 8 week program on Mindfulness-Based Wellbeing Enhancement (MBWE) for ONE GROUP of 4-8 people.
- Conduct a 8 week Coaching on Mindfulness-Based Wellbeing Enhancement (MBWE) for ONE INDIVIDUAL.

Stage 3: Complete Supervision

Stage 4: Submit a final written reflection paper consisting of 2000-3000 word report.

All assessments, practicum and supervision must be completed within 12 months from the start of the course.

2) Learning Outcomes
Successful trainees will be able to:
1. Demonstrate competence in teaching mindfulness-based courses and workshops
2. Articulate the professional and ethical standards of adherence for a mindfulness teacher
3. Articulate and demonstrate relevant teaching skills including clear instructions, a positive group learning environment, safety, managing challenges and difficulties of self and participants and being flexible in curriculum delivery.
4. Demonstrate good relational skills when teaching and with fellow teachers.
5. Demonstrate the ability to develop customised curriculum by target group selection, organising and evaluating teaching materials for individual and group settings.
6. Demonstrate a balance of theoretical knowledge, experiential learning, relevant qualities of a teacher and the right attitude of mindfulness for teaching
7. Demonstrate responsive and flexible pacing to cover an appropriate curriculum, as well as holding a group learning environment and managing challenges and difficulties.

3) Course Duration
a) Online Live Teaching (24hrs): Modules 1 to 3 will be taught online through virtual classrooms.
b) Face to Face Onsite Teaching (24 hrs): Modules 4 and 5 will be taught face to face (onsite).
c) Total Hours inclusive of practicum and tests ( a to c): 270 hours (includes assessments, readings, group sessions, reflections, reflections on practicum and supervision)

4) Complaints Policy: Centre for Mindfulness (CFM) is committed to providing efficient channels for trainee teachers to seek resolution for concerns. Complaints process will be explained during the first session of class.

5) Withdrawal Policy:
If any of the students wish to withdraw from the Teacher’s Training Program Course for any reason other than when that the Centre for Mindfulness (CFM) is unable to fulfil its obligations, the student has to submit a written notice of withdrawal to CFM via email - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Verbal requests will not be entertained. CFM will respond within fourteen (14) working days after receiving such notice. The possible refund to the student will be as follows:

Percentage of Refund of course fees:
If trainee's withdrawal notice is received by,
- At least 60 days before the commencement of the course: 100%

- Between 59 to 45 days before the commencement of the course: 80%

- Between 44 to 30 days before the commencement of the course: 60%

- Between 29 to 20 days before the commencement of the course: 40%

- Less than 19 days notice before the commencement of the course: 0%

6) Data Protection:

Centre for Mindfulness adheres to the Personal Data Protection Act as set forth by the Personal Data Protection Commission, Singapore. All personal information, including assessment submissions, are stored electronically using privacy controls which are available only to the lead and co-facilitators.

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