Mindfulness Based Counselling and Psychotherapy Training

Mindfulness has a tremendous effect in promoting wellbeing and reducing stress, anxiety and other life challenges. Modern research has found that by practicing Mindfulness one can move away from negative thoughts about the past and the future, and remain positive in the present moment. Hence in a very short time, mindfulness practices have become a source of much research and clinical application across a wide swath of psychological therapies, approaches, and interventions. Increasingly, more and more mental health professionals are reading about the benefits their clients may experience if introduced to mindfulness practices as a complementary practice to their work. 

At the Centre for Mindfulness, our 12 week Mindfulness-Based Counselling and Psychotherapy Training Certification Course encourages therapists to embrace mindfulness practices to create presence and depth in their work with clients. Mindfulness helps psychotherapists and counselors to cultivate compassion, relieve stress, and weather the often emotionally difficult work of providing therapy.


- Attended and completed an onsite 8 week mindfulness course. Online courses will not be recognised.

- Have sustained a daily mindfulness practice.

- Has a diploma or degree in social work, counselling, psychology, psychotherapy or related field and is currently practicing psychotherapy/counselling.

Learning Objectives:

• Be able to appreciate what Mindfulness is
• Able to distinguish between Mindfulness & Meditation
• Able to use it for their Self-Care
• Able to use it for their Client-Care. 
• Exposed to some of the brain science validating Mindfulness as evidence-based practice. 
• Able to introduce and use Mindfulness in culturally sensitive ways. 
• Able to begin using Mindfulness with clients with depression, anxiety, stress and many other challenges. 

What would be included?

Participants will receive:

- The book ‘Mindfulness in 8 Days’
- Mindfulness Journal
- MP3 files for practices
- Support via Group Messaging Service
- Textbooks for Study
- Certificate upon Successful Completion

Requirements to be Certified:

- Complete 80% attendance for all modules over the 12 week period

- Complete a 10hr practicum for one-on-one therapy session with evidence of attendance of client (client attendance record) 

- Client to submit an evaluation of service 

- Write a 3000 word self reflection report

To Note:

Certification is strictly for use in professional practice in mental health work. It does not certify you to conduct 8 week mindfulness courses or any other mindfulness related/based courses. 

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