Mindfulness Teacher Certification Program - Accredited Program

Mindfulness Teacher Certification Program - Accredited Program

This is an accredited Teacher Certification Programme conducted by the Centre for Mindfulness (Singapore), that aims to fulfil the need for an authentic certification programme in secular Mindfulness Teaching. By joining this certification programme, you will become a part of a global movement of practitioner-teachers dedicated to bringing authentic secular mindfulness meditation to all people. Our certification programme includes the psychological, philosophical and professional dimensions in Mindfulness teachings. Teaching components include the theory of Mindfulness, Mindfulness Practices, Facilitation skills and Programme Design. Do visit our event page for more information about the programme.

Centre for Mindfulness (CFM) is a member of the CPD Standards Office and an accredited CPD provider. This certification programme is accredited by The CPD Standards Office who award independent CPD accreditation to training and learning activities across all professions and sectors.


Attend any 8 weeks program on Mindfulness-Based Wellbeing Enhancement (MBWE) or MBSR programme.

Complete all 5 modules.

Module 1: Theory of Mindfulness
Module 2: Mindfulness Practices
Module 3: Teaching a 8 Week Mindfulness Course
Module 4: Teaching and Working with Groups
Module 5: Program Design and Development

Complete all modules with at least 80% attendance for each module.

Complete Practicum and Supervision

  1. GROUP SESSION: Conduct ONE GROUP 8 weeks program on Mindfulness-Based Wellbeing Enhancement (MBWE).
  2. INDIVIDUAL COACHING: Conduct ONE INDIVIDUAL Coaching Session for a minimum of 8 sessions.
  3. REFLECTION PAPER: Reflection paper consisting of 2000-3000 words report.

Pass all assessments with a 80% pass rate.

  1. Mini MCQ Tests for EVERY Module
  2. Reflection Paper for the Module on Theory of Mindfulness
  3. Progressive Assessments on giving Instructions
  4. Prepare ONE set of lesson plan
  1. Trainees who fail any module are guided until they complete the course at no additional charges.
  2. All assessments, practicum and supervision must be completed within 12 months from the start of the course date.

Complete All Reading Materials

Course Duration

  1. Online Live Teaching (24hrs): Module 1, 3, 5 will be taught online through zoom
  2. Face to Face Onsite Teaching (24 hrs): Module 2 and 4 will be taught face to face onsite.
  3. Assessments, Reading, Group sessions reflections, refelction for practicum, and supervision is a total of 222 hours.
  4. Total Hours inclusive of practicum and tests (a to c): 270 hours


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