Mindfulness For Students

Mindfulness For Students

Target Group

Students between the age of 7 to 25

Duration of program

6 or 18 weeks

Maximum Workshop Size

10 to 20 pax

Weekly Engagement Session

2 Hours

Assessment (optional)

Pre & Post Assessments can be conducted

Individuals often look back at their time at school, college or university as the best years of their life. They often overlook that being a student can be really tough. But, in recent times the students are under more pressure than ever before. Regardless of what you are studying, it's ensured that at a certain point during your learning, like when writing your exam paper, performing in front of an audience or get preparing for exams, you will need high levels of psychological control, emotional regulation and self-awareness. During these times our Mindful programs for students provide you preventive and coping tools to help you remain calm, sustain your attention, and be able to focus.


There is a growing body of evidence suggesting that mindfulness can help students to:

•    Cope with stress and anxiety.
•    Feel calmer and happier.
•    Enhance relationships.
•    Improve concentration and learning.
•    Improve performance in music and sports.
•    Behave better in the classroom.
•    Perform better academically.

At Centre for Mindfulness, we help students to pay attention to the present moment through simple breathing and meditation practices which increase awareness of thoughts and feelings so as to reduce stress and anxiety and boost levels of their attention and concentration.

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