Mindfulness For Educators

Mindfulness For Educators

Target Group


Duration of program

Between 8 - 10 weeks

Maximum Workshop Size

25 pax

Weekly Engagement Session

2 Hours

Assessment (optional)

Pre & Post Assessments can be conducted

Mindfulness for Educators is a unique professional development program that helps teachers to handle the stresses and rediscover the joys of teaching.

It is an approach that allows teachers to participate more fully in their teaching and children to participate more fully in their learning. It offers an opportunity to build up inner resources to deal with stress and to live life fully and joyfully.

Benefits :

To reduce stress, promote awareness and presence applied to teaching, Centre for Mindfulness introduces basic mindfulness programs for teachers, such as activities that demonstrate how to bring mindfulness to challenging situations teachers often encounter.

Through these programs, teachers learn to bring greater calm, mindfulness and awareness into the classroom to enhance their relationships with their students, their classroom management, and curricular implementation. Centre for Mindfulness programs also promote empathy and compassion through caring practice and mindful listening activities.

Other benefits may include,

•    cultivates mindfulness in teachers and encourages its introduction to children
•    enhances positive mental, emotional and physical health
•    reduces stress, increases calm and contentment
•    encourages a skillful response in challenging classroom situations
•    improves concentration, co-operation and group discussion
•    increases empathy and understanding

As teachers learn mindfulness and wellbeing techniques they also experience new skills and ideas to facilitate the introduction of mindfulness to children in the classroom.

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