Mindfulness at Work for Performance & Wellbeing

Mindfulness at Work for Performance & Wellbeing

Target Group

All Staff

Duration of program

Between 5 to 8 weeks

Maximum Workshop Size

25 pax

Weekly Engagement Session

1.5 to 2 hours

Assessment (optional)

Pre & Post Assessments can be conducted
Corporate Mindfulness Workshops are highly customizable and hence the options are entirely dependent on your targeted outcomes.

In today's working environment we can move information around the world in seconds, meeting face-to-face with individuals on other continents with the click of a button. Employees are driving themselves to do more, to accomplish more, to do everything faster; all of which seems to result in a fragmented, over-stressed, and hectic way of life. We continue to hone technology to a fine edge, yet remain largely and surprisingly ignorant about the functioning of our own minds. Many people do not know how to consciously focus their concentration, or how to find peace and balance in their job.

Centre for Mindfulness Singapore specializes in delivering mindful work programs that is customized for each individual. Due to ever increasing challenges in today’s workplace, many people are experiencing the signs of stress. Centre for Mindfulness Singapore is offering a multifaceted approach that teaches people to manage stress, deepen concentration, and increase a sense of satisfaction at work.

Our programs will teach people to learn how to respond to the complexities, pressures, and uncertainties of the workplace with greater balance, clarity, and productivity.


•    Reduced stress
•    Increased patience
•    Improved concentration
•    More energy for tasks, less resistance
•    Broader perspective for solving problems
•    Improved ability to listen and communicate
•    Improved focus for decision making
•    Higher productivity
•    Increased energy
•    Improved quality
•    Expanded cooperation and teamwork

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