Mindful Leadership

Mindful Leadership

Target Group

Staff with Leadership and Supervisory roles

Duration of program

Between 6 to 10 weeks

Maximum Workshop Size

15 pax

Weekly Engagement Session

2 Hours

Assessment (optional)

Pre & Post Assessments can be conducted
Mindfulness Workshops are highly customizable and hence the options are entirely dependent on your targeted outcomes.

Our Mindful Leadership program is a framework that adjusts the internal, - convictions and values - , with the external, behaviors and actions, for the purpose of organizational success and wellbeing.

At the Centre for Mindfulness, we believe that people who want to become leaders who make a difference need to embrace an inner journey of integrity and make an outer commitment to their team members and employees. Our mindful leadership development approach begins with this inner journey. Individuals discover and claim their core values, develop a vision for how the organization could be different, find their personal voice for expressing their vision.

They then move to an outer commitment of living and behaving in ways that serve the organisation and advance the common good. They ask, “mindful leadership for what purpose?”
The ultimate purpose of our mindful leadership is to shape a future that is visionary, inclusive, and enables all members of society to fulfill their needs, dreams and potentials.

Why choose mindful leadership program?

Great leaders see things clearly. They are aware of themselves, others and the world around them. They are able to direct their awareness internally: aware of their thoughts, feelings and values, they are better able to manage their own mind-states and reactions. They are also able to direct their awareness externally. Some people may come to their leadership tasks with these capacities already well-developed. But mindful leadership strengthens and develops these qualities.

Learning Objectives:

Participants will be able to:

•    incorporate Mindfulness into their Leadership Competencies
•    develop self-awareness, self-management and social awareness.
•    foster a culture of “Mindfulness practice” in self-awareness, self-management, social-awareness and kindness at work
•    learn and apply strategies to deal with and manage emotions and facilitate decision making, conflict management.


At Centre for Mindfulness, we begin with an understanding and commitment to our individual core values. By first discovering the values at the core of our identities, we begin the process of integrating our unique values with our choice-making on all levels of our personal and civic lives, which includes individual self-guided core Values Exercise here:

•    Obtaining Respect towards Others
•    Gaining Courage, Compassion, Consciousness and Clarity
•    Building internal and external communities, increasing organizational efficiency
•    Restoring inner Balance
•    Reduction in dealing with stress, anxiety and depression
•    Becoming wiser and increasing talents

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