Mok Jia Jie

Mindfulness Coach


Singapore Institute of Management

Singapore Polytechnic

Mok Jia Jie

Mok is the Director of the Centre for Mindfulness’ Greater China and a  Certified Mindfulness Teacher. Mok’s scientific approach to Mindfulness  transformed his corporate life of 20 years in various senior leadership  roles. He has also been a business consultant, sharing and coaching  about Mindfulness in businesses for over 20 years. Using his deepened  understanding of Mindfulness, Mok uses methods of Secular Mindfulness as  an effective solution to the common problem of employee autopilot faced  by most businesses. 

Mok has taken Secular Mindfulness to the  public, and is currently a mindfulness coach. He lectures to a wide  audience of schools and businesses about Secular Mindfulness, sharing  about how this simple practice, when applied, can improve their physical  and mental wellbeing.

Mok intends to popularize the practice of  Mindfulness around the region. As the Country Director for Greater  China, his next Mindful step is to bring Secular Mindfulness into  Greater China.