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Your Moment Is


Pay attention to your body and the environment around you

Do you have to make a petition every day for your lungs to breathe for your wellbeing or does it just happen? Do you have to consciously make your breathing heavy when you go for a run or does it happen naturally?

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Many things in nature just happen, like the sun rising and setting. Natural phenomena do not have an agenda like us humans. They are not motivated by rewards and successes.


Mindfulness is best appreciated when you have no real agenda other than being mindful. It is indeed a way of living and being yourself, with yourself.

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Slowing down is a way to bring more light to what is happening right here.

Invite a Pause before you speak. Or invite a Pause before you hit that ‘send’ button. Or notice the momentary pause that happens 20,000 times a day between your in-breath and out-breath.

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