Mindfulness in 8 Days - How to find inner peace in a world of stress and anxiety

How to find inner peace in a world of stress and anxiety book cover
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  • Book Release Date: Wednesday, 01 March 2017
  • Publisher: Marshall Cavendish
  • Edition: 1st
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 978 981 4771 91 7
  • Book Format: Paperback
  • No Of Pages: 176 pages
  • Short Title: Mindfulness in 8 days

This book is probably one of the most concise and impactful manuals on understanding and practising mindfulness – a way of finding happiness by looking within ourselves. Based on the author’s life-changing experiences with mindfulness, this book offers a superb introduction to how readers can begin their own journey today. Along the way, we learn to live in the present moment, re-examine the meaning of success, failure, stress and joy, and confront any difficult situation with poise and inner strength.

With well-chosen quotes, wise words of encouragement, and short, easy-to-do daily activities spread over just eight days, this book is the perfect opportunity for anyone to enter into the world of mindfulness.

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